We love media

We love what we do

Who we are

Back in 2008, when the advertisement industry in Vietnam clutched into its fastest gear, evolving into a complex system of many moving parts, Double Equator set out to forge it own axis among the fray. Established when a group of young talented and creative thinkers from varying backgrounds in marketing, media relations, and public relations decided that timing for opportunity had reached ashore to etch its own mark in Vietnam’s marketing and media landscape.

Our phylosophy

With the knowledge, experience, understanding and long-term relationships with the media in Vietnam, we believe that we can finish the any campaign for customers regardless of the strict requirements possible. In addition, the young staff, 9rogressive, energetic, daring to confront the difficulties and challenges, we
constantly explore, learn and update new trends, while always seeking to improve the quality of services to help companies save costs and provide the best satisfaction to their customers.

Our vision


The vision that is held by all employees at Double Equator is to take the industry with electric charge and become Vietnam’s best agency, providing the most unique and creative thought processes while ensuring the highest level of quality services are produced for our clients.

Our mission


To strive past our client’s expectation


To give our clients the best possible value


To execute our service to meet our client’s objectives with total conviction


To give our clients the desired end service with total satisfaction

We belive that we can offer great services to you.

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